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MWE stands for maximum product quality and attention to detail. It is our philosophy and mission to develop door systems, ladders, shower systems and exclusive interior design items that give every customer the feeling of having purchased something special. We combine cutting-edge technology with exemplary customer communication and joy in our work, all marked by a “passion for quality.” MWE stands for 100% "Made in Germany"!


Located in a small quintessential German village stands the state-of-the-art MWE office and production facility. Offices are within walking distance to the modern production line, allowing office personnel to communicate directly with the team members responsible for manufacturing.

The MWE manufacturing facility houses the latest CNC machines. Keeping up with technology allows products to continue to improve and meet demand. Most of MWE’s products feature a unique 600-grit “jewelry finish” which is completed by hand. If an order specifies an alternative finish, such as polished stainless steel, the procedure of finishing is even more intense, yet the result is guaranteed to be perfect.

The production facility is immaculately maintained, organized and managed by dedicated staff with decades of experience, all leading to a product of extraordinary quality.
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Quality Features

Stainless steel
Stainless steel used to produce MWE products is sourced only from Germany and is V2A (304 grade) or V4A (316 “marine” grade) stainless steel. So, the statement 100% made in Germany stands true!
“jewelry finish”
MWE products are all offered with a 600-grit finish “jewelry finish” this is not just to make them more attractive but adds a level of durability.
TESNIT® is also featured on most MWE products, this material, composed of carbon fibers and rubber as a binder, is used as a barrier between the stainless steel and whatever you are installing MWE products on. This material was chosen for its ability to keep its shape and hold the hardware in place (no-slipping overtime). MWE took this feature a step further designing each piece that utilizes TESNIT®, is routed into the component eliminating loose gaskets. Gaskets are cumbersome and often slip during installation leaving a portion visible.
Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a standard material seen on all MWE wheels. This product is often used in precision parts, chosen for its ability to maintain its shape and for its extreme durability. This self-lubricating material makes all MWE sliding systems low maintenance and glide smoothly.
“Flow drill”
“Flow drill” describes a unique feature found on every product where a screw needs to reach into a hollow stainless steel tube. This is most often found on the connections for pull handles from the vertical pull to the connection piece. By providing more surface for the screw it does not become loose offering more stability, longevity of the product and less maintenance perfect for commercial environments.
“Passion” this unique passionate vibe spreads from the manufacturing facility to the offices and stretches to the MWE North American office. This passion for quality is shared with those who encounter an MWE product and where perfection is felt.


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